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Save On Football Equipment

2nd Time Sports has a great selection of Used & New Football Equipment. We cater to Youth, High School and Adult competitors. Don't forget the lady gridiron players! We specialize in both men and lady semi-pro players! Choose from helmets, pads and more! Stop in today and see what we can fit your player with and how we can save you money!

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Sports Equipment

How to Save Money on Sports Equipment

So if you have a student that's in high school and they plan to join a team the equipment is not cheap. From golf shoes to soccer cleats some of these sports can get expensive.

There is a way to save money on sports equipment. The school team may recommend certain products or brands but you can still try to get a good deal on the necessary items. Here are some ways to save:

Try using sporting-goods stores. Even if it's a chain you may be able to find an inexpensive source for high quality items that have been gently used. If your child mentions an interest in a sport it is the best time to start looking before the season begins. You can always leave your contact information with the owner of the store who can call you if the item becomes available.

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Try a discount Internet Sporting goods stores for new equipment. A Google search can help you score a good deal. Try the products at a brick-and-mortar store first so your child can test out what item is the right size style and fit. Then order it from a discount store and save 10% or more. You need to balance savings against the shipping costs, as sometimes equipment is heavy and cost more to ship.

Scout out local selling the equipment you need. You can find garage sales, thrift shops and Craigslist sporting-goods. Also asked the coach whether there players from last season who are not playing this season that may be willing to sell their equipment at a reduced rate for extra cash.

Trade up. If your sports item is an item you're child no longer needs, then try treating them in for what they do need at a sporting goods store or selling them and use the proceeds to buy the new equipment. You also may want to make a trade with friends who were on the team last year.

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If everything else doesn't work, talk to the coach if you're having trouble affording the sports equipment. The team might have a scholarship program in place for players and situations. Many schools want all kids to enjoy the benefits of team sports so they won't turn you away based on your not being able to pay for expensive equipment.

New and Used Sports Equipment

On our equipment pages you will find a sampling of the types of new and used sports gear that our stores carry. Not all categories or products shown are carried at all locations.

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How to Sell Used Skis

Ski and boot manufacturers come out with new gear every year, so it's easy to replace your old equipment. But what about your old skis and boots? Don't waste money or storage space by letting your equipment sit uselessly in the back of your closet or in a corner of your garage. In fact, your used ski equipment might actually garner you some cash that you can put towards a new pair of skis or boots.

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