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Sports Careers for Non-Athletes

The Top 10 Sports Careers for Non-Athletes

It is a dream of most sports fans to hit the major leagues but for most this is only a dream. But luckily our love for sports does not fade away once we realize how narrow the playing field is. There are more ways than ever to incorporate your love for sports into your day-to-day job. There are such professions as event planners, psychologists and even statisticians that find jobs in the sports industry along with the obvious sports commentator. Most of the positions listed below do not require any athletic prowess, there may be some minor athleticism required for some of the jobs, as it's only natural that an empire, referee be able to run and keep up with the players. So if you're looking for a career change that will satisfy your desire to be in the action in the sports world be encouraged. You may have the necessary skills and coursework under your belt to make a job switch to a job in sports.

Athletic trainer | MontecitoSports

All of the salary figures and statistical information are taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Athletic trainer - athletic trainers assist patients with prevention and treatment of muscle and bone issues. Part of your job entails making instant assessments of injuries and delivering first-aid services. You may also work under a physician. Athletic trainers work in schools, colleges, and medical offices or for professional sports teams. To become an athletic trainer you'll need to get a bachelors degree, a Masters degree is desirable. Most states require a certification from the independent Board of Certification. The median salary is $44,000 per year.

Coach | MontecitoSports

2. Coach - coaches teach athletes what they need to know to be successful at their sport, prepare them for competition, and guide them through the game. You will need to be a team leader and a mentor. Coaches lead their teams and they conduct practices and teach sportsmanship and responsibility. Some coaches service athletic talent scouts or recruiting scouts. Most coaches enter the field because they want to combine their love for the sport they once played. Most coaches start out his assistance in order to gain the experience they will one day need. The median annual salary is $31,000.

Fitness director | MontecitoSports

3. Fitness director - fitness directors oversee aspects and operations of gyms and health clubs. They are responsible for handling all health related administration of the facility. Fitness directors may also teach exercise and nutrition classes. Most of them start out as trainers or instructors and a two or four-year degree in health or fitness is most desirable. The median annual salary is $36,000.

Sports photographer | MontecitoSports 4. Photojournalist/sports photographer - a photojournalist takes photographs of people places and events for media purposes. A sports photographer is a photojournalist who specializes in sporting events. They document the match of the game by capturing action shots that can be used to accompany articles. They keep irregular hours since they must be present at events. A bachelors and photography can be useful for this career. Many sports photographers begin at their local papers or freelance providers. The median annual salary is $31,000.

Physical therapist | MontecitoSports

5. Physical therapist - physical therapists help patients to manage their pain and recover from sickness, injuries and surgeries through rehabilitation. You provide care to athletes who are recovering from injuries and you diagnose or implement treatment plans. A postgraduate professional degree is the standard. Median annual salary is $84,000.

Recreation worker | MontecitoSports 6. Recreation worker - recreation workers create, design and implement and lead leisure and sporting activities for a wide range of groups of people. They find employment in places like parks, camps and any outdoor facility that requires leisure activities such as youth and senior centers, gyms and YMCAs. They teach and lead sports in a variety of activities. They plan and organize activities for groups. The bachelor's degree is a basic requirement for any job in the leisure field. Median annual salary is $23,000.

Sporting event planner | MontecitoSports

7. Sporting event planner/coordinator - in the world of sports and event planner organizes and plans for all aspects involved in hosting sporting events, as well as promoting the event itself. Event coordinators may also act as a liaison between the sporting team in the event facility. A bachelor's degree in hospitality management and a few years of relevant work experience or what you need to get in the front door. The annual median salary is $46,000.

Sports psychologist | MontecitoSports

8. Sports psychologist - sports psychologists work as part of a collaborative team to increase the mental well being of athletes. They ensure a healthy relationship between the mind and the body. Many sports psychologists have enrolled in a clinical or counseling doctoral program and then take additional classes in kinesiology, physiology, sports medicine, business and marketing. The annual salary is $72,000.

Statistician | MontecitoSports

9. Statistician - statisticians reline advanced mathematics in order to examine and evaluate data. They are responsible for pulling information and drawing conclusion that sports fans love to spout off or the stats. They collect and analyze data regarding everything from simple stat keeping to designing surveys and interpreting information to assist in recruiting and drafting. The annual salary is $80,000.

Umpire/referee | MontecitoSports

10. Umpire/referee - umpires and referees are responsible for providing fair judgments in athletic events. They preside over sports competition and officiate. They are responsible for calling on their knowledge of the intricate rules and policies of each game to make appropriate calls and impose penalties for infractions. You must register with the local governing agency and pass an exam. The annual salary is $24,000.

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