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How to Save on Sports Tickets

Basketball fans also have a chance to see their favorite team score the balls as with affordable prices on NBA tickets

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Ways to Save Money when Buying NFL Tickets

The most popular sport in America is football so to get a ticket can hit your wallet pretty seriously. If you follow some of these buying tips you will have the tools to find the best deals to see your favorite NFL team.

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Savings in Sports

How to Save on Gym Memberships, Studios, and Equipment 2018

We may be among one of the 60% of Americans who make resolutions about getting fit every year. If that indeed is your goal of 2018 you were alone top three resolutions for 2018, which are healthier, exercise more and lose weight.

It doesn't have to cost you a fortune to get fit by spending thousands on Pilates classes and buying $400 yoga pants. Here are some tips that will save you money.

Gym Memberships - the best gym promotions usually happen in January when the health clubs are trying to lure the New Year's resolution crowds. Attendance at many gyms increases 30 to 50% in January. The next round of promotions happens in the summer. Shop around as gyms typically offer free trials for seven days for new customers. You can also wait till the end of the month to join. About 25% of people give up the resolutions within the first week. If you hold off until the end of the month you may be able to get a better deal when they are trying to reach monthly quotas and they may be more willing to waive fees. Negotiate and do not sign up on your first visit. Playing hard to get may result in a better deal.

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Signing up for a gym commitment that spans a year or more may be cheaper than a month-to-month membership. 67% of members don't go to the gym and average amount of money wasted per month is about $39. Being too optimistic of how often you will work out can cost you in the long run.

Check to see if your health insurance company offers a fitness reimbursement program. We may receive a partial reimbursement of membership fees at select fitness centers. Colleges and universities often offer special alumni rates. Certain facilities offer military discounts also it might be worth looking into hospital fitness center, which often sells memberships to the public.

Some fitness chains offer budget alternatives. Blink Fitness is the Equinox budget version.

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Search packages and freebies. Certain classes can offer certain discounts and intro packages for new students. Classes at boutique fitness studios also offer a class Pass.

Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer deals on fitness class packages.

There are other alternatives to gym memberships. There are more than 13,000 fitness groups worldwide with local sports leagues that offer hiking or playgroup sports. You can always work out at home with workout DVDs. There are new streaming subscriptions that offer workouts from top trainers. There are also free online workouts. Fitness Blender offers free online workouts.

Fitness equipment is on the list of the best things to buy in January. Wearable tech is the top fitness trend for 2016. Certain things you should never buy used such as bike helmets and bathing suits but thrift store finds can include exercise equipment and sporting goods

How to Save Money on Sports Equipment

So if you have a student that's in high school and they plan to join a team the equipment is not cheap. From golf shoes to soccer cleats some of these sports can get expensive.

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Top Helpful Tips for Your Figure

A great workout routine can have your body feeling revitalized, while a great recovery regime can have your body feeling restored.

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